profileI’m a video game developer in the UK with a life-long passion for aviation and holder of a EASA PPL license.

I created this website to serve as some sort of ‘flying diary’ for me, to write down my experiences as a private pilot. I plan to write a blog entry for each flight I’ve done, putting down my thoughts about the planning and execution of the flight. I hope that way I can reflect on achievements and mistakes I’ve made for later review and maybe for others to learn from them.

Enough said, on to plan the next flight!

Rock on!



Post-PPL Flying Stats

AC Type Hours Landings
C152  1:25 4
PA28 1:30 4


I think I better mention that I’m a bloody noob as a pilot (if you couldn’t tell from my flying hours above already), and I’m not a flight instructor, so nothing on this website should be used for flight instruction. It’s simply a write-down of my experiences in aviation. Please consult a professional flight instructor at your local airfield (I hope you’re near one).